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Get to Know More About the Holy Kaaba Cover

The most expensive Kiswah (cover) in history, which costs 20 million Saudi riyals, is supervised by more than 200 qualified manufacturers through training and development programs and high-quality institutional work.

There are many sections of the King Abdulaziz Complex for the cladding of the Holy Kaaba between the desalination, the laundry, the laboratory, the automatic weaving, the printing, the embroidering of the doctrines, the assembly and the replacement of the garment.

 The complex also allocated a care unit for the cover of the Kaaba, which supervises around the clock in the Grand Mosque, and deals with the maintenance of the cover of the Holy Kaaba at once.

Hamza Shaaban said: “I have been working in the doctrinal embroidery department in the complex for more than 36 years, during which I learned the art of embroidery. I embroider silk pieces with silver wires and silver wires coated with gold, manually and stuffed with cotton to highlight verses and decorations on the garment of the Kaaba.”

He explained that he acquired this craft through practice, stressing that with the passage of years he had witnessed the paradigm shift in the mechanism of work of the complex, and that the state had provided them with everything that would contribute to raising the efficiency of the quality of work in a manner befitting of the honorable Kaaba of God.

Ahmed Baantar, who has been working in the garment assembly department for more than 37 years, said: “I collect the silk cloth for each side of the four sides of the Kaaba separately, and then connect them together with the latest machines and fix the gilded pieces on it,” indicating that he learned the profession from Sheikh Abdul Rahim Amin and Al Sanea Ahmed Saharty.

He advised young people who are new to work, to remember the honor of what they do, and that God has chosen them for this blessed work that brings together the good of this world and the hereafter.

For his part, Abdullah Al-Zubaidi, who has been working in the Department of Robotic Weaving for more than 39 years, spoke of his pride and pride in his work in weaving the robe of the Holy Kaaba, and that he is happy with what he does and feels his blessing in his personal life, and how since he joined the complex and his life matters in success and facilitation from God Almighty.

Regarding the mechanism of its operation, he said: “I transfer the silk on loops to weave the covering of the Holy Kaaba with the advanced (jacquard) machines from which the embossed silk cloth is produced.

Adel Al-Luqmani revealed that he prints Qur’anic verses and decorations on silk cloth by siblounat to become a guide for embroidering them as doctrines covering the Kaaba, with the use of the latest technical means in the world of printing, sewing and embroidery in a manner befitting the most expensive and most honorable cover on the face of the earth.
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