Saudi Arabia adopts a new vaccine against Corona

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced on Friday the approval of the “Moderna” vaccine, bringing the number of approved vaccines to four.

The Ministry indicated that the “Moderna” vaccine is taken in two doses by injection into the upper arm or orally, with an interval of 42 days between the two doses.

It confirmed that it is effective for preventing and protecting against the emerging coronavirus.

The Food and Drug Authority in Saudi Arabia had agreed to register the “Moderna” vaccine after applying for its registration from the manufacturer so that health authorities could then import and use it.

Saudi Health also urged everyone to register in the “My Health” application to receive the vaccine for free, as part of the Kingdom’s measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The ministry indicated that the vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom are “AstraZeneca”, “Pfizer”, “Johnson & Johnson” and “Moderna”.
The Saudi Ministry of Health pointed out that if any other vaccine is approved, it will be announced at the time through official channels.

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