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LEADERS MENA meets pretty slender Italian architect Grossi Paola

Gossi Paola is Miss Fashion, the pretty slender Italian architect who adores beauty contests, catwalks and is fond of fashion winning three national titles.

She welcomes to visit Saudi Arab saying: “I love to travel and the Kingdom could be a destination for my next travels once the pandemic is over.”

She expresses her happiness that Saudi women are getting more and more rights 

At the beginning of the interview, can we know some details about you ?!

I am PAOLA GROSSI, I am 53 years old, an architect who graduated from the POLITECNICO DI MILANO, living in ITALY near MILANO.

For many years I only worked as an architect, planning and building real estate complexes and villas.

In recent years I have participated in several beauty contests for women over 30, winning four absolute titles.

4 years ago I entered the world of entertainment also participating in several well-known programs on Italian TV.

I am also a model. Influencer and fashion blogger.

She added: In the last year I also achieved the record “Balliamo Insieme “that you can listen to in all the music stores in the world.

My greatest passions are the sea and the boats. I have a house overlooking Portofino where I spend a lot of my time.

How do you see Saudi women have obtained a lot of rights?

I am very happy that Saudi women are getting more and more rights, I am a career woman and I strongly believe in women’s Emancipation and I hope for ever-greater equal rights and an extremely conservative mindset shift.

I hope for a social modernization, it will take time, but important goals will be reached in small steps.

In an era dominated by change, I hope for an improvement in the relationship of rights between men and women.

Do you have Saudi female friends?

I have no friends with Saudi women because the opportunity never presented itself.

Are you thinking of visiting the Kingdom as a tourist destination?

I love to travel and the Kingdom could be a destination for my next travels once the pandemic is over.

What does the sea represent to you?

For me, the sea represents freedom, infinity, quietness but also storm. The sea can give me a thousand mixed emotions in few minutes. The sea is like me… It is always on the move. It is very unpredictable as I am. It takes very little and it becomes stormy and I look a lot like the sea. I always make a lot of noise. 

 We know that you adore yachts. What is your story? 

I have loved yachts and boats for about fifteen years. This passion for boats and yachts was born in me and give me this sense of freedom and direct contact with the sea. They are a form of houseboats that allow you to always be in direct contact with water, an element that I love because it gives me so much relaxation and energy. 

Do you love yachts as your car?  

I love yachts the way I love my car… Porsche Cayman 

 What is your interest in fashion? What about fashion competitions?

I love fashion and follow it. I love doing beauty contests. I have been on the catwalk for five years and I won three national titles in 2016-2017-2019.

Do you practice any of the marine sports?

I practice swimming and water aerobics

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