Saudi Arabia: 1552 new cases of corona … number of people recovered is 4134

The spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali announced on Sunday that the kingdom has recorded 1552 new cases of corona in the Kingdom, while the number of people recovering has increased to 4134 cases.

The spokesman confirmed that 19% of the cases infected with the new coronavirus today belong to Saudis, 81% to non-Saudis, 16% to females, and 84% to males.

He added that the total number of new cases of coronavirus emerging in the Kingdom is 27,011 cases, of which 22,693 active cases receive appropriate medical care, and we thank God that most of them are stable and reassuring cases, while 139 critical cases receive intensive health care.

He continued: 369 new cases of recovery from the new Corona virus were recorded, bringing the total number of cures in the Kingdom to 4134 cases.

In addition, 8 new deaths were registered with the emerging coronavirus, bringing the total deaths in the Kingdom to 184 people.

The ministry announced yesterday, Saturday, that 1362 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, of which 11% were females, while males constituted 89%, bringing the total number of cases to 25,459.

The Saudi health spokesman added during the daily press conference about Corona that the active injuries amounted to 21518 and 139 critical cases.

He also announced the registration of 210 new cases of recovery, bringing the total number of recovery cases in the Kingdom to 3765.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health said that 7 new deaths were recorded, taking the total number of deaths to 176.

The Committee for Organizing Labor Housing in Saudi Arabia announced yesterday, Friday, the reallocation of workers to remove overcrowding.

The Secretary-General of the Labor Housing Committee said that there are 1,860 isolation rooms inside the housing, which are used for workers who show symptoms until they are treated healthily. According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

He clarified that in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, it was agreed with about 600 charitable societies distributed in the Kingdom, to support labor housing, to provide more than 40 thousand meals per day.

He also added that it has been facilitated for the safe return of nearly 2,500 workers to their country.

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