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Saudi Alimony Fund delivers SAR 30 million to 7,000 beneficiaries

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The Saudi Ministry of Justice revealed that the alimony fund spent about SAR 30 million in expenses to more than 7,000 beneficiaries of families eligible for alimony.

The number of beneficiaries of the alimony fund services reached 5543 during the year 2021, while their number reached 1381 beneficiaries during the year 2020 so the number of beneficiaries of the fund’s services has increased steadily during the past two years compared to the year 2019, which recorded 330 beneficiaries at the beginning of the launch of the fund.

The alimony fund services cover more than 75 cities and governorates in the various regions of the Kingdom, as it aims to disburse alimony to those entitled without delay and contribute to achieving the financial balance of the family, maintaining its stability and the stability of society, and enhancing responsibility by recovering alimony from the claimants.

The ministry clarified that the alimony consists of permanent alimony paid to a person who has a final judgment and was not executed except for an excuse for insolvency, and temporary alimony is paid to someone who has a judgment that has not been finalized and was executed only for the insolvency excuse.

It indicated that the fund can be benefited by entering the ( website), then to the platform with the ID number and date of birth, and applying electronically.

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