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Al Mithnab Oases… Hidden jewels of the Saudi desert

Al Mithnab Oases... Hidden jewels of the Saudi desert

Palm trees and shrubs of Haloxylon and Calligonum surround Al Mithnab oases like a green belt, drawing a line between the water and the golden sand carpet, in a beautiful scene deep inside the heart of the Saudi desert.

These oases date back to 300 years ago, and they were farms and homes for people, the scenic oases are a place whose beauty cannot be described in words.

The place is fit for adventure to explore the desert oases, going through the mountains of sand that do not budge through hundreds of years. The sounds of birds almost snatch your hearing as you pass through these oases, breaking the intensity of the pale yellow color with the green of heaven.

Al-Mithnab oases – south of the Qassim region – have become a destination for lovers of road trips across low lands in Nafud Safiq, with more than 60 oases. Out of which 32 oases are characterized by a large number of palm trees, while the oases of Zahloula, Umm al-Khashab, al-Jabjab, Marifa, al-Wasiti, al-Sarut, al-Masbah, and Hasso acquire Jumaan, Laila, and Al Shaqib Warzah, are close to the Eastern Wilderness Park, on an area of 2.3 million square meters, in which 30,000 trees were planted, representing a quarter of the area.

Almaniyah Dunic Park, 6 kilometers to the southeast, hosts the ‘Almaniyah Car Festival’, which is held annually and enjoys the wide participation of car enthusiasts from the Kingdom and the Gulf states.

A member of the Qassim Literary Club, supervising the club’s branch in Al-Maznab, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Ghanayem, explained that “Rawdat Al-Hasso” is the closest oasis to the governorate, located 12 kilometers to the southwest on the road to Riyadh. It is surrounded by many residential communities, the largest of which is Al-Rahimiya, which is five kilometers away from it to the south, and from the north it is a similar distance to Al-Majalia and separated from Rawdat Al-Haso by Al-Khuba Farms.

With the aim of facilitating access to the oases, he stated that the municipality of Al-Mithnab periodically carries out cleaning works and paves the paths of vehicles in the sand.

Saudi photographer Abdulrazeq Al-Arajeh photo of the scenic oasis in Qassim’s Amra mountains, was one of the award-winning photographic entries in a prestigious Saudi competition.

Abdulrazeq Al-Arajeh’s picture of tranquility, captured in the mountains near the town of Rass, received plaudits in the Colors of Saudi contest, organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

Qassim province, in central Saudi Arabia, and its many palm-fringed oases have become popular destinations for eco and desert tourists.

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