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Saudi Heritage Authority celebrates World Heritage Day

The Saudi Heritage Authority is organizing a variety of events and activities in the city of Riyadh, and many heritage sites in various regions of the Kingdom, in celebration of World Heritage Day.

It participated with the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth in showing several films that dealt with the elements of the common intangible cultural heritage

Through these activities, the authority targets all segments of society, to raise awareness of the importance of national heritage and its preservation.

  The exhibition will be held in the city of Riyadh in Al-Teen (clay) palaces in the center of the capital, as it includes an exhibition of pictures of the World Heritage sites registered by UNESCO

Cultural Heritage Programs

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the authority will establish cultural heritage programs for school children, as well as organize student visits to heritage locations throughout the Kingdom.

Preserving the National Heritage

The Heritage Authority assesses Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect and promote national heritage through these events, as evidenced by the registration of six heritage sites on the World Heritage List.

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