“Salam” begins registration for the Young Leaders Qualification Program for Global Communication

The fourth session of the Young Leaders Qualification Program for Global Communication is now open for registration.

 This program is organized by the Salam Project for Civilization Communication, through the project’s website via the link

The Executive Director of the Salam project, Dr. Fahd Al-Sultan, explained that the Young Leaders Qualification Program for Global Communication aims to prepare and qualify young Saudi men and women by providing them with basic knowledge and skills in civilized communication.

It aims to present the Kingdom and its human and civilizational achievements to the world, following the best international standards and in line with the Saudi vision.

Dr. Al-Sultan added that the program includes several training courses, workshops, and panel discussions, which address several topics to learn about the most important issues that rose in international reports.

Rehabilitation of about 180 young men and women

Al-Sultan said that the launch of the fourth edition of the program comes after the success and interaction achieved during the past three editions, where about 180 young men and women were qualified in the fields of international communication.

Apply local and international best practices

“Sultan” indicated that this version is witnessing a development in the content of the program in line with developments and ensuring the application of best local and international practices for such programs.

 Nomination for admission to the fourth edition of the Young Leaders Program goes through several stages, starting with registration through the Salam website, which runs from August 16 to September 3.

 The next stage is the initial admission stage, after screening the candidates, leading to the personal interview stage, after which 60 youth who meet the criteria for joining the program are accepted.

Salam Communication Project, since its launch in 2015, has been working to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

It also works to qualify young leaders who are familiar with the details of the issues and topics that are raised in international meetings and conferences about the Kingdom, and how to respond to media attacks that arise from time to time.

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