Rosewater is the official drink of the “Formula 1” race in Saudi Arabia

On the podium, the top three drivers toasted the Formula 1 STC Saudi Grand Prix with a drink of sparkling rose water.

This drink “was produced domestically, specifically for the Saudi Grand Prix, and in line with the Kingdom’s customs and traditions; where the celebration will be of a wholly Arabic flavor,” according to the Saudi daily “Al-Youm.”

The “sparkling rose water” drink, according to the newspaper, is a blend of rose water, grenadine, sugar, and lemon juice that is mixed till it becomes carbonated juice, and will be the official drink for the STC Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix 2021 celebration.

In an article published two days ago, The Economist magazine stated that “Instead of rejoicing after the race, this year’s Formula 1 race has brought about a change, and the spray of champagne has been replaced with sparkling wine, which is not miserly. This isn’t a miserly sport, but the race sponsor has changed “.

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