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Rosewater is the official drink of the “Formula 1” race in Saudi Arabia

Rosewater is the official drink of the “Formula 1” race instead of alcohol

On the podium, the top three drivers toasted the Formula 1 STC Saudi Grand Prix with a drink of sparkling rose water.

This drink “was produced domestically, specifically for the Saudi Grand Prix, and in line with the Kingdom’s customs and traditions; where the celebration will be of a wholly Arabic flavor,” according to the Saudi daily “Al-Youm.”

The “sparkling rose water” drink, according to the newspaper, is a blend of rose water, grenadine, sugar, and lemon juice that is mixed till it becomes carbonated juice, and will be the official drink for the STC Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix 2021 celebration.

In an article published two days ago, The Economist magazine stated that “Instead of rejoicing after the race, this year’s Formula 1 race has brought about a change, and the spray of champagne has been replaced with sparkling wine, which is not miserly. This isn’t a miserly sport, but the race sponsor has changed “.

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