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“Riyadh Safari”… A Distinguished activity inside Riyadh Season

"Riyadh Safari”… A Distinguished activity inside Riyadh Season
"Riyadh Safari”… A Distinguished activity inside Riyadh Season

The Riyadh Safari area, one of the destinations of the Riyadh season, ended its activities after visitors enjoyed wandering experiences among rare animals and semi-extinct birds, during the period that extended from October 26, 2021, with recreational activities that included several interactive activities of water games and various wild animals.

The area was distinguished during the last period by embracing a garden that gathers more than 250 rare birds, visitors enjoyed its beauty and took pictures with it, in addition to the tree tower in the middle of the area, a giant tree on which visitors climb to watch the safari world through the telescope.

Throughout its activities, the area organized distinguished safari experiences, with trips lasting about 45 minutes, to take a field tour accompanied by specialized guides to see different types of animals and familiarize visitors with their behaviors and wild lifestyles.

Show Theater

The “Riyad Safari” included a stage for various shows, African show dances, and several challenge games dedicated to the competitions of friends and family members in games of skill, in addition to the lake, which witnessed daily water bike and family boat games.

To this, the environmental diversity added a new and distinctive dimension to the “Riyad Safari” area, which embraced a group of rare animals, most notably: the white tiger known for its white fur and black stripes extending over its entire body, its blue eyes and pink nose, in addition to 18 species of Macaw parrot distinguished by its sharp intelligence and ability.

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