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Put yourselves in the shoes of the unemployed!

By : Marwa Mahmoud

I can say, or even do nothing, for everyone who is concerned with the problem of acute and chronic unemployment, but to repeat this phrase that appears in the title of the article!

Put yourselves in the shoes of the unemployed, of course, by imagining, what would you do if you applied on the Internet to hundreds of agencies for a job? Whatever job, until your computer screens became full of icons and e-addresses of these entities, then the response came to you similar to the thunderbolt: We apologize for the lack of vacancies, or we apologize for not having the experience you have!

I myself want to know how the unemployed can obtain practical experience and he did not find any practical opportunity to work, is it just an agencies trick for incapacitation of youth? If it was, then I bear witness that they deservedly succeeded in it!

Or do you see it as a heavy joke that has no taste, color or smell, and you see the unemployed in an indecisible mood, no matter how funny!

Whether the matter is incapacitation or a joke, the result is a benign consolidation of unemployment and feeding it from one vein to a vein, and a moral slaughter of the unemployed, also from vein to vein!

Yes, put yourselves in shoes of unemployed, when he sees the number of years of his unemployment approaching  the number of years of his studies, then the matter becomes like a mathematically equivalent equation ,and unequal morally, equitably, humanly and economically !.

Yes, put yourself in shoes of unemployed, Does he not have rights that have unfortunately become like dreams? To support his family and his offspring if he is married, to marry if he is celibate, and to build his house brick by brick.

Does he not have rights? To practically apply what he has studied theoretically and fulfill his mission in life by working, saving and enjoying his share of the world, and serving his country on which he spent millions!

Of course ,  you have to put yourselves in shoes of unemployed, and if you did that all the problem will be fixed , and it will be a plenty of jobs for all those around you !

Just put yourselves in the shoes of the unemployed, and no more!

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