Portable Hospitals in Makkah as a Preparation for Hajj 1441 H

The Saudi Ministry of Health has prepared to provide the necessary health care for pilgrims during the performance of their sacred rituals, by allocating a specialized medical clinic in every residence for pilgrims, and each group of pilgrims is accompanied by health practitioners to provide medical assistance.

The Ministry has also equipped medical and emergency teams to accompany the pilgrims, in addition to health facilities in the Holy Places to provide medical care Specialized, in Mona Al-Wadi Hospital, 29 Health Center in Arafat, Field Hospital and Mobile Clinic.

It also set up a mobile hospital devoted to intensive care, in addition to allocating 6 highly equipped ambulances, as part of the preparations and efforts of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to serve the guests of Rahman in a way that achieves a mother.

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