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Saudi League launches the Match Protocol Program

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Last Tuesday, the Saudi Professional League announced the match protocol program, which includes match day and warm-up time before meetings and distribution within the facility.

The protocol does not allow the presence of unauthorized persons inside the facility, but referees, paramedics and match organizers are allowed according to its location,

Coaches, the administrative and medical apparatus, match organizers and employees of the facility should wear masks all the time, in addition to the safe social spacing on seats and at playing field.

It was decided that each team will arrive in multiple buses, and it should be completely sterilized, provided that all participants are obligated to disclose if they have any symptoms of Corona virus, at checkpoints before entering the facility and following the precautionary procedures resulting therefrom.

The association stated that the procedures for spacing between players should be observed in the changing rooms

It affirmed the prohibition against spitting, rinsing inside the stadium before, during and after the match, and the exchange of players’ shirts with each other.

Only the technical and administrative staff is seated on the bench, with reserve players behind them on the stands, with an emphasis on not celebrating scoring goals.

It is allowed to enter the authorized media according to the new exceptional organizations related to the return of sports activity, and each media is allowed with only one photographer and field reporter in the same region.

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