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Nutritions to Decrease Your Depression Symptoms

The President of the International Society for Research in Nutritional Psychiatry, Velic Jakka, advised those suffering from psychological problems or bad moods to follow a balanced diet and eat certain foods that improve mood and reduce the level of anxiety and depression.

Among the foods that help improve mood are bananas, tomatoes, citrus fruits, carrots, dark chocolate, nuts, yogurt, and dairy products, as well as complex carbohydrates such as oats, pasta with seafood and green tea.

She called for avoiding overeating, eating the Mediterranean diet, and avoiding alcohol and foodstuffs containing a high percentage of fat and sugar, as they cause a bad mood, according to “Russia Today”.

She indicated that food and alcohol improve mood for a short period, but it worsens afterward, adding that salty substances also improve mood in the beginning, but the salts bind liquids after that, which leads to poor blood circulation and general weakness.

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