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Nuclear Program: Saudi Arabia calls Iran out to avoid conflicts

By: Salem Saheen

Saudi Arabia affirmed that it is following with concern the current developments of Iran’s nuclear program and its announcement of raising the level of uranium enrichment by 60%, adding that this matter cannot intend peaceful uses.

In a statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia called Iran out to seriously engage in current negotiations to avoid raising conflict and not subject the region’s security and stability to more tension.

The peaceful statement ended by stressing the deep concern of the countries in the region about the steps Iran is taking to destabilize regional security through its nuclear program. To those, the Foreign Ministry stressed the importance of the international community to reach out an agreement with stronger and longer determinants that focus on the implementation of monitoring and control measures. Therefore, preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

GCH takes the lead

Within this context, the Gulf Cooperation Council emphasized the importance of GCC states participation in the continuing negotiations taking place in Vienna between the permanent members of the nuclear agreement (Germany, in this case) and Iran.

In letters addressed yesterday to the foreign ministers of the US, Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germany, Dr Nayef Falah Al-Hajraf, Secretary-General of the Council mentioned how the Cooperation Council is a major contributor to enhancing the security and stability of the region and that the negotiations currently underway in Vienna should not be limited to the Iranian nuclear program, rather, it should include Iran’s destabilizing behaviour, ballistic missiles, and marches.

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