Meteorologist Reveals End of Cold Wave in Kingdom

Understanding Two Types of Cold

Dr. Khaled Al-Zaaq, a meteorology expert, has shared valuable information regarding the cessation of the prevailing cold winter weather impacting various areas in the Kingdom.

Al-Zaaq provided clarity on the nature of the cold, categorizing it into two distinct types: highland cold and breeze cold, each with its unique characteristics and impact on the regional climate.

Understanding Two Types of Cold

With a deep understanding of climatic patterns, Dr. Al-Zaaq elaborated on the two types of cold weather that residents typically experience. He described breeze cold as a milder form of chill, commonly felt during the autumn months. It’s a gentler cold that often brings a refreshing change after the summer’s heat.

It’s during this season that the cold reaches its peak, bringing significant drops in temperature and often necessitating adjustments in daily life to stay warm and comfortable.

Anticipated Weather Shift

In a hopeful message to those weary of the cold, Dr. Al-Zaaq forecast a welcomed shift in the weather patterns. He predicted that the temperatures would begin to rise, bringing a warmer ambiance by the middle of the next week.

However, he noted this good news with a cautious note, indicating that the relief might be temporary as the cold weather is expected to make a comeback by the week’s end.

This forecast suggests a dynamic weather pattern, urging residents to stay prepared for fluctuating temperatures.

Gradual End of Cold Wave

Dr. Al-Zaaq stressed that the cold wave’s end gradually unfolds, marked by key indicators. Consequently, he urged residents to watch these signs, thereby adapting to evolving weather. Meanwhile, the Kingdom is experiencing typical winter conditions: cooler days, colder nights, necessitating measures for comfort and safety.

In summary, Dr. Al-Zaaq’s expertise illuminates the forecast, consequently enhancing public knowledge and readiness for seasonal changes.


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