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 Mecca Launches ‘Mecca Brings Us Together’

The Royal Commission for Mecca and the Holy Sites has launched the second edition of “Mecca Gathers Us”. This event, opened by the CEO, Engineer Saleh bin Ibrahim Al-Rasheed, is held in Muzdalifah. It also features the “Ain Zubaida Flank” activity, a symbol of Mecca’s heritage.

Duration and Activities

The event lasts ten days, ending on March 2nd. It  also includes various cultural and recreational activities. These cater to all age groups and demographics.

Organizing Partners

The Royal Commission for Mecca and the Holy Sites, in partnership with several organizations, organizes the event. Additionally, these include the Holy Capital Secretariat, Mecca Chamber, Al-Balad Al-Ameen Company, Guests of the Merciful Service Program, Mecca History Center, and Kadana for Development.

Objectives and Diverse Appeal

CEO Al-Rasheed stated that the event aims to enhance the quality of life in Mecca. It aligns with Saudi Vision 2030 goals. The event also seeks to enrich visitors’ experiences, turning Mecca into a tourist and cultural destination. It appeals to all ages, reflecting Mecca’s authentic heritage and enriching it for new generations. Moreover, the event coincides with Foundation Day celebrations, drawing inspiration from the past to enrich the future.

Ain Zabidah’s Flank, Makkah Gathers Us Events

The “Ain Zabidah’s Flank” features six diverse recreational and cultural areas. It offers historical visual performances. Similarly, the “Makkah Gathers Us” event in Muzdalifah Walkway includes eight other recreational and educational zones.

Cultural and Recreational Highlights

The event starts with traditional Saudi hospitality. It then showcases artisan crafts famous in Saudi Arabia, like rawashin making, pottery, crafting the Hasawi abaya, Taif roses, prayer beads, and palm weaving. These crafts represent the cultural heritage of ancestral professions.

Varied Zones for All Ages

The event areas include a section for home-based businesses, a children’s area, challenges and experiences, carnival games, and a stage for artistic and movement performances. There’s also a storyteller section, visual films, competitions, and prizes for kids. A food area offers diverse seating for families and a corner for popular Meccan dishes, reflecting the city’s rich heritage. Additionally, a special corner celebrates Foundation Day for three days.

Significant Attendance and Celebrations

The event saw significant attendance from Mecca locals and visitors. They expressed pride in Foundation Day and wore traditional regional attire. Furthermore, the Foundation Day area included a historical mural of Saudi kings, highlighting their reigns and major events. An old car exhibition showcased classic vehicles, some with historical significance to Saudi kings.

Upcoming Traditional Parade

The event will organize a traditional parade. Performers in regional attire from different Saudi areas (Central, Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern) will present artistic shows, engaging the audience.

Foundation Day Area Activities

The Foundation Day celebrations also featured artistic activities like sand painting, falconry displays, henna tattooing for women, and “Dokan Zaman,” reminiscent of old Meccan neighborhoods.

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