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Launch of ” Makkah Brings Us Together” Event’s Second Season

"Makkah Brings Us Together" at Muzdalifah Walkway & Ain Zubaida

The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites announced the second season of “Makkah Brings Us Together”. This celebration starts on February 22nd and concludes on March 2nd. It’s held at Muzdalifah Walkway and Ain Zubaida.

These locations are deeply rooted in Makkah’s history and culture. The event is part of the Kingdom’s Foundation Day celebrations. It is a collaborative effort, involving several key organizations. They bring a mix of cultural and entertainment experiences to the public.

Partnerships & Contributions in “Makkah Brings Us Together” Event

Organized by the Royal Commission, the event is a result of multiple partnerships. The “Makkah Brings Us Together” event includes key collaborators such as the Holy Capital Secretariat and Makkah Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, Al-Balad Al-Ameen Company, the Guests of Rahman Service Program, and others also contributed.

Additionally, the Makkah History Center and Kidana Development Company take part in the event. Together, these entities create an event that honors Makkah’s heritage. Their joint efforts ensure a rich, diverse experience.

Activities in “Makkah Brings Us Together” Event

At “Loin of Ain Zubaida,” features six entertainment and cultural zones, with visual and historical displays. Moreover, Makkah Brings Us Together at Muzdalifah includes eight zones catering to all ages. These zones showcase Saudi traditions, crafts, and family-friendly activities.

The event offers Carnival games, performances, and storytelling to enrich the experience. Visual films and children’s competitions add excitement.

Food & Heritage Celebrations

Additionally, the event includes a special dining area that serves Makkah’s famous local dishes. It highlights Makkah’s traditional cuisine, reflecting its rich heritage. A special section celebrates Foundation Day, showcasing Saudi history and vintage cars linked to the Kingdom’s kings.

Previous Success of “Makkah Brings Us Together” Event

Last year ” Makkah Brings Us Together ” event was a significant success. It attracted over 120,000 visitors of varied ages and backgrounds. Additionally, it was accessible for everyone as the Royal Commission ensured free access to everyone to encourage widespread participation.

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