Jeddah’s Coastal Promenades Offer Refreshing Escape by Sea

The waterfronts in Jeddah are considered one of the favorite summer tourist destinations due to its location on the Red Sea coast and its picturesque natural elements. It includes 4 creatively designed waterfronts that meet international standards for safety and quality.


These developments are consistent with the vision’s objectives to increase green spaces and providing attractive investment opportunities.

The Jeddah Governorate Municipality has prepared tourist facilities for summer 2024, including parks, public squares, water sports like speedboats and sea tanks.

Roshn Waterfront

ROSHN revamps Waterfront walkway in Jeddah


The Roshn Waterfront in Jeddah spans 730,000 square meters, renowned for its beauty and size. Moreover, it features diverse entertainment options, restaurants, and shops catering to various tastes. The waterfront boasts seven creatively designed squares, stretching 4,500 meters from Al-Nawras Roundabout to Jaber Bin Al-Harith Street.

North Corniche Facade

The Northern Corniche extends from the Border Guard Center all the way to Al Nawras Roundabout, over an area of ​​236,000 square metres.

Jeddah's north corniche project 80% complete: Mayor | Arab News


The project  also includes services for all ages: recreational areas, sandy beaches, shaded seating, a children’s play area, sea-view pedestrian walkways, green spaces and water fountains.

Jeddah Municipality aims to enhance waterfronts for the well-being of citizens, residents, and visitors. Moreover, this involves significant additions, attractive aesthetic enhancements, integrated infrastructure and aesthetic elements.


This includes developing sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, constructing intersections, safety barriers and infrastructure, in addition to increasing the area of ​​green areas and landscaping.

Obhur South Front

Transforming Jeddah's Waterfront: Unveiling Jeddah South Obhur | LIST


South Obhur Beach, spanning 205,000 square meters and stretching 3 kilometers, is ideal for families and visitors. Additionally, it features a marine promenade, 27,000 square meters of green spaces with 1,080 trees and palms, public swimming beaches covering 5,800 square meters, a 2,600-meter bicycle path, a 560-square-meter children’s play area, over 1,272 car parking spaces and various service and investment buildings.


Central Corniche

Top Places To Explore In Jeddah If You Only Have 48 Hours! - Vistara Magazine

The Central Corniche spans 3.5 km from Al Salam Palace Lake to the Al Hamra Border Guard Center in the south. It features green spaces, gardens, fountains, and water features. The Palestine Street promenade extends 1.2 km from Andalusia in the east to the Corniche Road in the west. It also includes a museum in the middle Corniche.

Al-Seef Beach


منتزه السيف الجزء 2 "شاطئ البحر" tha park part 2 😍

“Al-Seef Beach”, located south of Jeddah, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the governorate. It is characterized by its picturesque and charming nature and extends for more than three kilometers. It is also considered a public outlet for the people of the governorate and the holy capital due to the close distance.


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