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Makkah’s Deputy Governor Welcomes Jeddah’s Governor to Discuss Jeddah’s Projects

Makkah's Deputy Governor Welcomes Jeddah's Governor to Discuss Jeddah's Projects

His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Mishaal bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Makkah Region, welcomed in the Emirate’s headquarters in Jeddah, His Highness Prince Saud bin Jalawi, Governor of Jeddah to discuss Jeddah’s projects, reported Saudi Press Agency.

Prince Saud bin Mishaal listened to an explanation of jeddah’s projects currently underway in the areas of infrastructure and facility development. His Highness also reviewed a report on the completed and ongoing projects that align with Saudi Vision 2030.

Diamond Tower in Jeddah

The Diamond Tower in Jeddah is set to redefine architectural excellence. Poised to be the world’s tallest spiral tower, it exemplifies modern design and innovation. Towering impressively, this skyscraper will become a landmark in Saudi Arabia. Its spiral design is not just aesthetic but also an engineering feat. This tower will significantly enhance Jeddah’s global architectural stature.

The design embodies a fusion of traditional motifs and contemporary styles. It symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s growth and futuristic vision. The tower is more than just a building; it’s a statement of ambition and progress. It will serve various functions, combining residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. The Diamond Tower is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to pioneering in the global architectural arena.

Workshop on Dangers of Water Accumulations

The Jeddah Municipality organized a workshop titled ‘Updating the Database of Critical Areas Plan’, reported Saudi press Agency. It is executed by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, to display the dangers of water accumulations and the readiness of the municipalities for the rainy season.

The workshop included a presentation of the methodology and the adopted standards in determining water levels base best practices, as well as the latest global methodologies in this regard. The workshop also involved reviewing the results of the current situation assessment of critical areas in Jeddah Governorate, identifying gaps, challenges like water accumulations, and risks. Moreover, it discussed development and improvement plans for these areas.

Furthermore, the workshop provided detailed content on the outputs of the evaluation phase and the establishment of standards according to the updated data of locations exposed to flood hazards and readiness for the rainy season. The meeting also witnessed an exchange of participants’ opinions and suggestions on how to implement strategic plans and continuous improvement.

Water Monitoring Unit

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has signed a contract with a leading company, reported Saudi Press Agency. It aims to establish a unit for monitoring water sources, including groundwater and surface water, and their uses.

This initiative focuses on automating tasks and speeding up data access. It aims to integrate all current and future systems related to water resource regulation, both within and outside the ministry.

The regulation and monitoring unit will provide performance indicators. These will assist in water system governance. There will also be performance indicators for water source codes. This will help with organizing and automating work.

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