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10 Must-visit destinations in Saudi Arabia

10 Must-visit destinations in Saudi Arabia
10 Must-visit destinations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has been known since ancient times for religious tourism; This is due to the presence of the Kaaba, the Grand Mosque and other Islamic monuments. But this does not mean that there are no beautiful tourist and entertainment attractions in various parts of the Kingdom. There are tourist places in Saudi Arabia that grab attention and captivate hearts, which we will discuss in some detail in this article.

Spread over the territory of Saudi Arabia a lot of diverse tourist attractions between the seas, mountains and gardens. In addition to the historical and archaeological monuments that reflect a rich history of heritage. It also contains many modern entertainment venues that meet the needs of all ages for fun and entertainment.

And now that the visit for tourism to the Kingdom has been opened to all countries of the world; Saudi Arabia is witnessing a heavy turnout by foreigners wishing to get acquainted with its tourist attractions closely. Therefore, if you are among those seeking to travel to Saudi Arabia with the aim of tourism, here are the most beautiful and unique tourist destination in Saudi Arabia.

1- Wadi Al-Touqi, Riyadh

Here you will enjoy the most beautiful landmarks in the capital, Riyadh. Wadi Al-Touqi is one of the longest valleys, which is interspersed with a picturesque mountainous nature of rocks and trees, especially acacia trees.


Wadi Al-Touqi is 110 kilometres long, with a slope of 0.2 kilometres. It is distinguished by its impressive tributaries, Wadi Hameem and Wadi Al-Amia.

The best times to enjoy the stunning views of Wadi Al-Touqi are in the summer and spring. In the winter, when it rains, the valley becomes spectacular, however, it is difficult to walk around in the winter due to its rugged mud nature.


Enjoy the views of the natural waterfalls that are located there.

Walking among the acacia trees.

2- Edge of the World, Riyadh

If you are looking for tourist areas in Saudi Arabia that have no equal at all; The Edge of the World is the perfect tourist destination for you. The towering plateau two hours from the city features views that stretch endlessly in every direction and the silence is awe-inspiring.


The Edge of the World consists of a towering cliff that overlooks a vast endless valley to offer its visitors a majestic view of the power of the Creator in his conception of nature. It is believed that this place was the bottom of a deep-sea that flooded the Arabian Peninsula and even the Levant more than 50 million years ago.



Watching the picturesque landscapes on the many valleys that are located in it.

See the rare carvings on the ledge that date back thousands of years.

Watching the crooked dry rivers with a wonderful view.

3- Durrah Beach Resort, Jeddah

Durrah Beach Resort is considered one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, as it is an integrated tourist village located directly on the Red Sea coast.


Durrah Beach Resort includes many distinguished landmarks, including sandy beaches, swimming pools, resorts, yacht marina, golf club, equestrian club, entertainment city.

Hotel accommodation for rent or ownership

  Lots of great water sports like kitesurfing, water skiing and diving.


Relax and swim in its sandy beaches and private swimming pools.

Take a yacht from the yacht marina and roam in the water near the village.

Enjoy water sports like kitesurfing, water skiing and diving

4- Al Balad, Jeddah

The historic quarter of Jeddah is called Al Balad and is marked by the scent of exotic spices and the beautiful cries of the call to prayer.


It features a series of tight alleyways between ancient coral-stone merchants’ houses, home to oud sellers, clove-scented traditional bakeries and the vast, glowing Souq Al Alawi. Since it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014, many of the area’s vast, crumbling mansions have been sensitively restored, including the grand 106-room Nasseef House – now a museum and cultural centre hosting art and photography exhibitions as well as lectures by academics.


Learn about the ancient Saudi cultures by viewing some of the belongings of their homes such as paintings, decorative dishes, bedrooms and majlis.

5- Farasan Islands, Jazan

Farasan Islands archipelago in the Red Sea, in the Jazan region in the southwest of the Kingdom. The largest and most inhabited is Farasan Island: About 12,000 permanent residents live on this island.


The island is known for its incredible biodiversity — the Saudi Wildlife Authority declared the Farasan Islands a protected area in 1996 — and boasts pristine coral reefs for epic scuba diving, a variety of fish and world-class birding for species including the white-eyed gull, the crab plover and the sooty falcon.

Since the first millennium B.C., Jazan Province has been a draw for people from Arabia, Africa and Europe. The islands were once known as Portus Ferresanus, and a Latin inscription dating from 144 A.D. has been found on the island, indicating the existence of a Roman garrison. Throughout the centuries, many people have passed through Farasan and left behind evidence of their societies, including the Aksumites and Arabs.



Camping and watching aquatic life in their natural habitats.

Swimming and recreation at Ras El Qarn Beach.

Visiting the sandstone village of Al Qassar, which is said to date back to the time of the Romans

Visiting Beit Al Refai, a beautiful home that belonged to a prosperous pearl merchant named Munawar Al Refai a hundred years ago.


Al Qarah mountain, Al Ahsa

These charming mountains are characterized by raw beauty, located on the eastern edge of the Shadqam plateau. Al Qarah remains one of Saudi Arabia hidden gems.


A majestic stretch of sand-blasted caves and canyons sculpted over millennia are best viewed from the summit of Al Qarah mountain, which rises 670ft above sea level.

The place names here reveal a deep reverence for nature and the elements that have shaped the character and traditions of this region as rigorously as its landscapes. (Al Ahsa translates as ‘murmuring streams’ and the main city of Hofuf, ‘whistling wind’).


Climb the mountains, exploring caves, nooks and passageways.

Visit the palm-tree farms and picturesque villages Watch the simple houses that dot the tops of the mountain.

7- Wadi Lajab, Al-Reith

Wadi Lajab is considered one of the most famous areas in the Kingdom because it offers stunning views and charming nature on its rocky flat, which is like a stream of torrent water that penetrates.

Wadi Lajab is a large crevice in the eastern part of Al-Qahr Zahwan Mountain.


It has a high elevation ranging from 300 to 8000 meters and a narrow watercourse. It features a distinct hanging garden over 200 meters high consisting of 10 meters tall trees. The valley contains rock layers of marble, granite, igneous and metamorphic rocks.


You can ideally enjoy swimming and kayaking away from the scorching sun, thanks to the rocky canyon sides that block the sun for holidaymakers.

Watch the outstanding hanging garden.


8-Al Wahbah Crater, Taif

The sprawling Al Wahba crater is one of Saudi Arabia’s most dramatic natural wonders: a vast hollow with an opaque lake at its heart.

Carved into the western edge of the Hafer Kishb basalt plateau, the crater is the largest in the Middle East. Located around 250 km and a two-hour drive north of Taif, or about a four-hour drive from Jeddah.


In the centre of the bowl, you’ll find white sodium phosphate crystals that create a glittering crust visible from the sky. This salt-bed transforms into a pearly lake whenever rain gathers in the hollow, fringed by the shrubs and palms that dot the crater’s rim. A dried lava field can also be seen snaking away from the northern edge of the hollow.


Seeing the legendary crater with a folk legend about Al Wahbah’s creation. According to the tale, the area once held two mountains: Tamia and Cotton. One night, after a flash of lightning illuminated Cotton’s beauty, Tamia fell in love with him and vowed to uproot herself to be closer to her beloved. But before she could reach him, her mountain-cousin Shelman became jealous and shot her with an arrow, sending her crashing to the ground. The crater was formed by her fall.

9- Soudah, Abha

Soudah is one of the tourist areas in Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by a beautiful nature that combines trees, valleys and mountains. It is the unofficial outdoor adventure capital of Saudi Arabia


Soudah includes cool mountain air, wild nature and mist-cloaked valleys, cable cars, and the historic village of Rijal Almaa west of Soudah.


Here you can do a lot of amazing recreational and tourist activities among the dense forests of Soudah; where:

You can hike into the national park.

View the place from above by cable car.

Enjoy mountain biking tours, horse riding trips and tandem paragliding over the valleys.

Visit Rijal Almaa, historically an important stop for merchants and pilgrims travelling north to Makkah and Medina. The blocky stone buildings with brightly coloured shutters are still mostly populated by members of the Aseri tribe, known for their vibrant outfits and floral crowns.


Dumat Al-Jandal, Al-Jawf

If you love history and seeing archaeological landmarks in Saudi Arabia. The oasis of Dumat Al-Jandal is located in the very heart of the province of Al Jawf.


It is the largest and best-known oasis at the northern limit of the great al-Nafud desert. Its geographical position means that in the past it lay on both the east-west and north-south routes and became a natural port of call for traders.

The town has survived through the ages thanks to the local ability to exploit water, which is supplied by a complex hydraulic system of wells, channels, and underground tunnels named Qanât.

Marid Castle is a military fortress built in the first century A.D. Zaabal Castle, and Dumat al-Jandal lake and other monuments.


Venture to historic sites like the town of Dumat Al Jandal, which dates to the 10th century B.C., and the Marid Castle.

Explore Al Jouf olive tree cultivation.

Begin exploring everything Al Jouf has to offer.

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