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A Saudi displays 15,000 photos of Two Holy mosques’ renovation process

A Saudi Photographer “Bandar Idris Saghir was able to document all features and developments that occurred in the courtyards and facilities of the Two Holy Mosques during 15 years.

He created a photo exhibition of all his 15,000 pictures inside his house.

He s specialized in the arts of aerial photography.

 Al Saghir developed his talent by practicing and enrolling in photography courses.

He said Al, “I photographed the Two Holy Mosques and the holy places with over 15,000 different images on a photography tour that lasted over a quarter of a century.”

he added ‘ My passion for photography made me dedicate a special exhibition to it in my house, and I named it the exhibition “The purest Places of the Earth”.

Al Saghir added: “I succeeded in photographing the Grand Mosque in several expansions, including the expansion of King Fahd, and I also documented the expansion of King Abdullah in the Grand Mosque.

He depicted the Black Stone, the Shrine of Abraham, and the Golden Gate, intending to convey the spirituality of the Two Holy Mosques to the world.

 Al Saghir went on saying: “Last Ramadan, a picture was taken of the Grand Mosque at the moment of breaking the fast, from an altitude of 5000 feet, by public security aircraft.

 The image showed the Holy Kaaba, the crescent of the Mecca Clock, and the worshipers, and the image received great resonance at the local and global levels, he said.

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