Jazan Health Ministry Launches Hajj Bag Initiative to Serve Pilgrims

Jazan Health has launched the “Hajj Bag” initiative. It aims to provide support and health advice to the pilgrims departing from the Jazan region, in community partnership with the Ihsan Medical Society.

Jazan Health spokesman Wael_Altomehy explained that the initiative targets pilgrims departing from Jazan through three main stations: King Abdullah Airport, and the Sabya and Samtah governorates. The initiative includes distributing bags with necessary supplies and instructions to help pilgrims maintain their health and safety during Hajj.

Altomehy stated that over 50 male and female volunteers are working across three stations in the region to distribute bags for pilgrims. These bags include essential supplies such as health and medical materials, personal hygiene tools, masks, and awareness booklets with instructions on disease prevention.

Volunteers measure pilgrims’ vital signs, like blood pressure and sugar levels, to monitor their health and provide necessary health instructions. Additionally, the medical service being provided includes ways to prevent and deal with heat stress, a common issue during Hajj.

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