International Report Ranks Saudi Arabia Top MENA Tourism Destination 

Saudi Arabia's Tourism Milestones

In the last quarter of 2023, Saudi Arabia maintained its position as the premier destination for global tourism among travelers from the Middle East and North Africa, according to SABQ Online Newspaper.

This status comes after Saudi Arabia surpassed Egypt in July 2023 to become the most sought-after destination, as announced by Wego and reported by CNN. The Kingdom has retained this top spot for six consecutive months according to Wego’s data.

Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Milestones

In the first half of 2023, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism reported a total of 53.6 million tourists, comprising 14.6 million international visitors and 39 million domestic tourists.

This period saw the Kingdom achieving a historic high in visitor spending, surpassing 100 billion Riyals (approximately 10.13 billion USD). This increase represents an increase of 72% compared to the same period in 2022.

This financial success underscores the country’s growing appeal and the effectiveness of its tourism strategies.

142 % معدل نمو أعداد السياح بالسعودية في النصف الأول

Appeal of Saudi Arabia for Travelers

Wego’s CEO, Mamoun Hmedan, remarked on Saudi Arabia’s allure, highlighting its unique cultural experiences  as key reason for its popularity among travelers. This suggests a deepening interest in the Kingdom’s rich heritage and varied landscapes among international tourists.

Cultural, Heritage Attractions

An exploration of Saudi Arabia’s cultural and heritage sites that attract tourists, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, festivals, and museums, could be detailed under this section. It could also discuss the government’s efforts in preserving and promoting these sites.

Global Rankings and Competitors

While Saudi Arabia leads in the Middle East, the report also touches on the global context, where Egypt and India remain significant players in the tourism industry. The United Kingdom continues to be the preferred European destination for Middle Eastern travelers.

صحيفة الشرق الأوسط | «أسفار» تتجه لتحويل المدن السعودية الواعدة إلى وجهات سياحية عالمية

Saudi Arabia in Global Tourism Arena

Saudi Arabia’s ascendancy in the tourism sector reflects a successful blend of cultural heritage and investment in tourism infrastructure. It also reflects trends in international travel and Saudi Arabia’s role within this dynamic landscape.


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