Historic Jeddah Takes Part in ITB Berlin 2024

Historic Jeddah Showcases Cultural Heritage at ITB Berlin 2024

Historic Jeddah was featured prominently at the world’s largest tourism expo, the International Tourism Trade Fair in Berlin (ITB Berlin). This participation marks a pivotal moment for KSA as it aims to diversify its economy and promote its tourism sector. KSA aimed to highlight the efforts to revive this area, which is classified on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Tourists in alleys of Historic Jeddah
Tourists in alleys of Historic Jeddah

Launch of Heritage Hotels

At ITB Berlin, the Historic Jeddah program showcased the launch of heritage hotels which encompass 34 heritage buildings. These establishments provide visitors with unique and authentic accommodation experiences. Moreover, they merge traditional allure with contemporary comforts in the core of Historic Jeddah.

Historic Jeddah’s Global Outreach

The participation is part of the program’s initiative to establish a presence in significant international forums focused on tourism. It aims to present the region’s history and underscore Saudi cultural heritage. Furthermore, it promotes the area as a premier destination on the cultural tourism map by offering distinctive experiences to visitors.

Unveiling Charm of Historic Jeddah

Besides, Historic Jeddah, the gate to the holy cities of Islam, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Saudi history and culture. Its ancient architecture, lively souqs (markets), and rich culture offer tourists authentic and deep travel experiences.

Platform for Global Engagement

Moreover, Saudi Arabia not only aims to attract international tourists but also seeks to engage with global tourism professionals and stakeholders by showcasing Historic Jeddah at ITB Berlin. This exposure is intended to foster partnerships, exchange ideas, and highlight the Kingdom’s readiness to welcome visitors from around the world.

Enhancing Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Landscape

Besides, Historic Jeddah’s presence at this major international event reflects Saudi Arabia’s dedication to improving its tourism sector. KSA is swiftly enhancing its tourism sector through major investments in hospitality and culture to become a leading global destination.

Looking Towards Future

Furthermore, the showcasing of Historic Jeddah at ITB Berlin represents just one aspect of Saudi Arabia’s broader strategy to introduce its diverse cultural and natural offerings to the world. As Saudi Arabia welcomes more international tourists, it enters a new tourism era, blending tradition with modernity for unforgettable experiences.

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