Greenery discolors the Sandals Mountain in Jazan after rain

Following the recent heavy rains, the fields of Jazan have been blanketed in lush greenery.

Sanadel Mountain area in the Jazan region, located in the east of the Baysh Governorate, has taken on a new appearance, with the margins of vegetation spreading out to cover all regions as far as the eye can see.

Photographer Khaled Abu Mansour documented in aerial photographs vast areas of the beauty of the green nature on the lands of Mount Sandal.

 He said: There are many areas in Jizan that attract photographers for the beauty of the charming nature they possess, especially during the current time after the amounts of rain that fell.

Discovering natural sites Lover

Speaking to Al-Arabiya.net, he said: I documented Mount Al-Sandal, which is an ancient volcanic mountain and constitutes a charming view throughout Wadi Shahdan and Waal.

He added, “I always go on excursions to pristine or hard-to-reach places, documenting and posting them on social media.

Bish Province

Bish Governorate is located within the Tihama region, where there is (Wadi Bish), which is one of the largest valleys in the region, which is supplied by more than ninety tributaries.

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