The “Group of Seven” countries’ health ministers warned on Thursday that the “Omicron” mutant is “the current greatest threat to public health in the world,” while US President Joe Biden predicted that the Corona mutant will spread quickly in the US, warning that the separation of winter will cause “severe illness and death” to those who have not been vaccinated.

In a statement made following their penultimate meeting under the British leadership of the group, the health ministers of the UK, the US, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan stated they were “extremely worried” about the new mutation’s increased number of infections.

Health experts from the seven major developed nations emphasized the importance of “close collaboration” in combating this threat.

The “key” to dealing with a “situation that is fast evolving” is “closer coordination than ever before,” as well as “data monitoring and exchange,” according to the statement.

‘Severe Illness & Deaths’.

US President Joe Biden has issued a warning that the modified Coronavirus “Omicron” will spread much more quickly in the US, urging his countrymen to be vaccinated against the virus, especially the booster dosage.

“The only genuine defense is vaccination,” Biden added, warning that unvaccinated people will face “serious disease and death” this winter.

The US President delivered his remarks after a meeting focused on the Corona outbreak, following which he summoned credentialed media to the White House “to convey a direct message to the American people.”

The issue of forced vaccination, which Austria and Germany are planning to enforce, will be debated, even though the choice is up to each EU member state, but it is an option that the World Health Organization considers to be “the absolute last resort.”

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