Does covid 19 hinder people from enjoying the charming fall of Salalah?

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Although the activities of the Salalah tourism season were canceled this year due to the Corona pandemic, the Dhofar Governorate tourism season is a refreshing summer tourism period for the Sultanate tourism sector.

Where  Dhofar governorate is witnessing these days a wonderful autumn atmosphere, earlier than expected, which heralds an exceptional autumn season this year due to the heavy rains that accompanied the tropical situation that the governorate had recently experienced.

The mountains of the coastal states of Dhofar Governorate, which stretched from the state of Dhalkot in the west to Mirbat in the east, were covered in green early, and the eyes were flooded.

Dhofar Governorate attracts visitors and tourists from inside the Sultanate and outside the Sultanate during the autumn season from June 21 to mid-September every year to enjoy the beauty of the nature of its mountains, beaches and plains, and the wonderful climatic climate away from the summer heat, where Salalah is one of the most important tourist resorts in the region.

The fall season is a climate phenomenon affected by most coastal states and the surrounding mountains in the Dhofar Governorate, which is called “Monsoon”, where the  Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean’s monsoons are causing light rain, intermittent drizzle, and fog spread on the mountain tops. Water abounds in the areas of Laayoune and the mountainous areas are covered with green throughout the season.

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