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Due to Trump … Facebook employees turn the tables on Zuckerberg

By : Marwa Mahmoud

Facebook employees left their home offices on Monday and turned to twitter to accuse CEO Mark Zuckerberg of turning a blind eye to decisions of Donald Trump that inciting violence. 

Dozens of posts appeared from employees criticizing Zuckerberg’s decision to leave the Trump phrase that glorifies violence as Twitter described it without objection, and some senior managers participated in the protest, reminding of the employee-related problems Google suffered in 2018.

This incident constituted a rare instance of public objection by the employees to the CEO of the company, and among the participants in the objection were all seven engineers in the team responsible for the interactive code library that supports Facebook applications.

“Facebook’s latest decision of not  acting  against violent incitement posts ignores other options to keep our community safe, and we appeal to the Facebook leadership to take action on this,” the team said in a joint statement posted on Twitter.

“Mark is wrong, and I will seek to change his mind by raising the voice as high as possible,” Ryan Freitas, director of design for the latest news product at Facebook, wrote, adding that he attracted about 50 people alongside him, who shared his opinion to press for internal change. .

Katie Zhu, Instagram director of product, posted a tweet, which includes a screenshot showing she has entered the hashtag  of #blackLivesMatter to describe her leave request as part of objecting to Zuckerberg’s decisions.

For his part, Andy Stone facebook spokesperson, said: “Facebook will allow employees participating in the protest to take unpaid leave cut off from their vacation days.” We encourage employees to speak openly when they disagree with the leadership.

Separately, a (Talkspace) company for online treatment said: it had ended partnership discussions with Facebook, and company CEO (Oren Frank) posted a tweet explaining that it would not support a platform that incites violence, racism and lies.

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