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Saudi students prepare themselves to engage in online tests

By : Marwa Mahmoud

The Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Authority has completed its readiness to take the actual performance test remotely for male and female students scheduled for the period 16-17 Shawwal.

The Authority stated that it had started, on the 6th of Shawwal Al-Jari, to include an experimental achievement test that would be mandatory for all students applying remotely for an achievement test.

As the number of those who passed out the remote test successfully reached more than 199,000 male and female students from their homes within five days of the start of the application, in order to establish the platform ambience in which the actual test is to be carried out,

And enable the student to know their tools and how to deal with them in sufficient time, before taking the actual achievement test.

The Authority pointed to the remaining duration of the experimental test and determined it by two days, which is the second stage of the remote application of the achievement test, drawing attention to the actual test stage.

it follows the experimental stage, and then announces the results expected—on Saturday the 20th of the next Dhu al-Qi’dah.

The Agency has urged students to enter the initializing and training free site with a purpose of raising the percentage of psychological and cognitive preparation of applicants for the academic achievement test before entering the study. The site includes three parts that contain science principles and training examples, in addition to experimental tests.

The Authority invites all students to take advantage of its official accounts, the guiding content published on its websites and to take advantage of its available online networks and digital services;

Agency application is available in the Apple and Google stores, the unified number 920033555, the electronic contact form found on the Authority’s website, and the recipients’ service account on Twitter @Eteccare @, to provide support services to them and to respond to all their inquiries.

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