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Craftsmanship Products Showcase Saudi Heritage to Red Sea Tourists

The Saudi Harf Company has woven handicraft products inspired by Saudi heritage to tourists in the Red Sea destination. This aims to introduce and highlight aspects of national culture.

The selected products included luxurious serving dishes inspired by regional door engravings, a dune incense burner reflecting the movement and beauty of sand dunes, a set of wicker cups with innovative patterns, and other sustainable items that blend modern design with cultural heritage.

Moreover, this step represents one of the stages of cooperation between Saudi Crafts Company and Red Sea International, in line with the shared visions of supporting the craft sector, to provide a sustainable return for craftsmen, and to introduce local and international tourists to Saudi heritage.


منتجات حرفية تعرّف سياح وجهة البحر الأحمر بالإرث السعودي - واس

“Saudi Crafts” partners with major tourist destinations in the Kingdom to showcase local craft products to tourists from both the Kingdom and around the world. Additionally, by collaborating with these destinations, “Saudi Crafts” ensures that the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia is highlighted and preserved.

Furthermore, tourists have the unique opportunity to witness traditional craftsmanship firsthand, purchase authentic handmade items, and learn about the history and techniques behind these crafts. Not only does this initiative promote local artisans but also enriches the travel experience, offering visitors a deeper connection to Saudi culture and traditions.

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