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Saudi Commission Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Heritage Convention

The Heritage Commission is preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of UNESCO’s Convention of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Riyadh. This significant milestone reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to preserving, and promoting its rich cultural heritage.

The event will showcase various aspects of Saudi intangible heritage, ranging from clay and handicrafts to falconry and culinary arts. Additionally, it will serve as the launchpad for the Intangible Heritage Association, the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

One of the highlights of the 20th-anniversary celebration is the launch of the Intangible Heritage Association. This pioneering organization aims to further promote and protect Saudi Arabia’s intangible heritage.

By bringing together experts, and enthusiasts, the association will serve as a platform for collaboration and advocacy. It will play a crucial role in raising awareness about the significance of intangible heritage and developing strategies for its preservation.

The Importance of Intangible Heritage

Intangible heritage refers to the practices, knowledge, and skills that communities inherit from their ancestors and pass on to future generations. It encompasses a wide range of cultural elements, including oral traditions, performing arts, rituals, social practices, and traditional craftsmanship.

Saudi Arabia, with its diverse cultural tapestry, boasts of a wealth of intangible heritage that reflects the country’s history, values, and identity.

Preserving intangible heritage is vital for several reasons. It reinforces cultural identity, and strengthens community bonds. It promotes knowledge transmission, and sustainable development.

Moreover, the celebration will feature a diverse range of cultural events and exhibitions that showcase different aspects of Saudi intangible heritage. 

“Heritage in Our Eyes” Exhibition

As part of the anniversary celebration, the “Heritage in Our Eyes” exhibition will display children’s drawings depicting intangible heritage. Through their artwork, children will express their understanding of and connection to Saudi Arabia’s cultural traditions.

The exhibition aims to encourage the younger generation to appreciate and engage with their cultural heritage, fostering a sense of pride and identity.

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