UNESCO praises Saudi Kingdom for its leadership in e-learning

Through its book, “Guide to Policies and Master Plans for Information and Communication Technology Organizations in Education,” “UNESCO” praised the Kingdom’s achievements in the field of e-learning governance.


The book indicated that the National Center for E-Learning NCES is an example to follow around the world, through its support and development of governance procedures in the education and e-training sector.

In its book, UNESCO cited the Kingdom’s model for controlling the quality of e-learning and enhancing confidence in it.

It refers to the e-learning standards launched by the National Center for e-Learning for educational institutions in secondary education, higher education, and training institutions.

The book deals with the mechanisms used for the governance of e-learning, which refers to the Kingdom’s efforts as a qualitative model with several leading countries in this regard.

The NCES’s excellence was recognized by UNESCO as an international example. This is because it contributes to the creation of quality control and assurance mechanisms to guarantee the quality of educational resources.

As a strategic decision for the future, e-learning has been hailed by a number of reliable international educational organizations for its rapid acceptance in the Kingdom.

Education in the Kingdom is among the world’s top 4 international models in terms of e-learning.

This comes as an extension of the support and attention that the sector receives from wise leadership. In addition, the sector has the capabilities that have been provided to develop education and ensure the quality of its outputs.


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