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AlUla Royal Commission, UNESCO launch archaeology fellowship

In collaboration with UNESCO, the Royal Commission for AlUla has launched an International Fellowship Program in antiquities protection.

The international fellowship program is an opportunity to explore and learn about the civilizations of northwest Arabia

This program comes in cooperation with archaeologists and heritage experts from the Kingdoms Institute of the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate. This is part of a four-month workshop in AlUla.

The program is the first of its kind in the region and will contribute to strengthening the existing partnership between the Royal Commission for AlUla and UNESCO

The organization aims to build capacities and transfer scientific knowledge by developing basic skills in heritage, research and preservation, and to establish the Kingdoms Institute as a major center for archaeological research in the region.

The trainees will be involved in carrying out field and office work in AlUla, with the opportunity to play a major role in the study of artifacts, and the preservation of archaeological monuments and key sites of interest.

The Kingdoms Institute is one of the most prominent projects of the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate.

It is located in the Dadan Oasis, and its urban design is inspired by the Dadanian civilization, to be one of the most prominent buildings carved into the mountains opposite the archaeological site.

The institute includes several basic archaeological programs and research, most notably: preserving rock art, inscriptions and languages, agriculture, sustainability in prehistoric times, communication, archaeological records,

The site also includes monitoring archaeological sites, preserving their integrity, and managing archaeological sites and elements.

The institute will specialize in studying and analyzing artifacts, their contents, the stories they left behind, and global practices for excavation and heritage preservation.

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