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Saudi Royal Commission for AlUla inaugurates the Old Kingdoms Festival

The Saudi Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate inaugurated the “Old Kingdoms” festival, which links Al-Ula with the governorates of Tayma and Khaybar, through various cultural and historical experiences.

The festival will link the various historical sites in Khyber and Tayma, enhancing cultural experiences through stories dating back thousands of years.

A festival organized by Lahazat AlUla provides cultural experiences and trips that promote the unique identity and history of the three historical governorates: AlUla, Taima, and Khaybar.

The festival will include light shows, balloon flights, as well as helicopter tours

Tayma Governorate is known for its unique location on the historical incense road, and it is one of the archaeological treasures through which archaeological discoveries continue.

The governorate embodies a written history that combines successive civilizations, which includes the largest well in the Arabian Peninsula.

The Khyber Governorate is one of the most important historical places and is famous for its commercial market and geographical nature, in addition to the prehistoric stone structures.

The “Historic Stone” city is one of the most prominent sites within the Festival of the Ancient Kingdoms, which expresses the Nabataean civilization, and is a vital center on the Incense Road.

The city is one of the sites that exist today on the world map of heritage monuments according to the classification of UNESCO

In the visitor center, the skeleton of a woman’s face dating back to the Nabataean era, which was discovered in the city of “Al-Hijr”, known as “Hannat”, will be displayed during the period from November 1, 2022, to March 21, 2023.

The historical and cultural experience in “Al-Hajar” is interspersed with light and sound shows, which start on November 3 and continue until November 27.

As the archaeological excavation season begins, Dadan offers explorers the opportunity to join the Archaeologist Intern program.

Visitors will have the opportunity to communicate with archaeologists at the excavation sites. Visitors to Al-Ula can also enjoy a trip to “Ikma Mountain”, which is the largest library of inscriptions in the world.

In Tayma, during the period from November 11, 2022, to March 31, 2023, visitors are offered a glimpse of this oasis located at the crossroads of civilizations,

 Visitors can also visit “Hadaj’s Well”, which is a masterpiece believed to have been built by the last kings of Babylon, as well as “Al-Najem market”,

 The tour concludes in Tayma with a visit to the “Pomegranate Palace”, also called the “Governor’s Palace”, which is a wonderful example of Arab architecture, accompanied by an audio tour guide service.

Khyber is another historical home, where visitors will be able to ride on balloons and helicopters to take an aerial tour through the Khyber Camp, close to the volcanic Khyber Freeport.

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