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Saudi Heritage Authority Wins if Design Award for Saudi International Crafts Week Exhibition

Saudi Arabia’s Heritage Authority has won the if Design Award for “Design for Cultural Exhibitions” for the Saudi International Crafts Week Exhibition, which was organized by the Authority last June in Riyadh, reported Ajel.SA.

A jury that included 132 of the most prominent international experts in the field of design evaluated Saudi Arabia’s file.

The exhibition won the award following its excellence in innovative designs inspired by the cultural heritage of handicrafts in the Kingdom, in addition to the quality of presentation, distinctive colors, and aesthetics of heritage pieces.

This is the second award the Exhibition wins within months, as last January it scooped the Better Future|Paris Design Awards for this year’s session 2024.

if Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of designs and creative spaces; it is awarded by the iF Design & Jury Awards Foundation in Berlin.

The award’s evaluation is based on 5 main criteria, including the idea, design, excellence, success in achieving goals, and functional capabilities.

The Saudi International Handicrafts Week was organized by the Authority during the period from June 6 to 12 last year. It witnessed a great turnout and interaction from workers and those interested in the field of handicrafts, with wide Arab and international participation.

Conversely, the exhibition showcased a wide variety of Saudi handicrafts, drawing attention to the intricate details and artisanal skills involved in their creation. From the vibrant patterns of Saudi textiles to the delicate precision of woodwork and pottery, the exhibits provided a comprehensive view of the country’s artisanal heritage.

Visitors admired the live demonstrations, where skilled artisans showcased their techniques. This also offered a deeper understanding of the craftsmanship behind these traditional works.

The if Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It first started in Germany in 1954. The if symbolizes the quality and reliability of designs for users and the designer community. Design experts from a number of countries around the world participate in selecting and evaluating the award-winning designs according to accurate examination.

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