Can Cell Phones Be Educational Tools?

By: Ghala Alotaibi

Can cell phones be harmful or helpful? Can administrators and teachers depend on the students to be responsible for their education? How and why could cell phones be educational tools?

The new generation depends on their phones for almost everything. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re harmful. Students, as well as teachers, use cell phones and modern-day technology for the essentials in education such as e-books, online exercises, and the most popular school game, Kahoot. Having all of that said, cell phones are still not allowed on most school premises.

In my opinion, cell phones should be allowed on school premises to make education easier for both the students and the teachers. It would be helpful to confirm the students’ understanding of the subject given. It would also help research information for the students to write further notes, for class prepared to participate with the teacher, and to know more about the subject in general. Students get curious when taking a subject they’re interested in and as a school, it’s its duty to help fulfill the maximum education for students.

Yes, phones can be a source of distraction for students, but there are solutions for such matters. Before starting the class, the teacher can collect all of the student’s cell phones and make sure to have collected all of them. When needed for an online activity the cell phones would be handed to the students to be able to participate. The time students could receive their phones could be at the end of each class, and the same steps would be applied as listed previously.

To conclude, cell phones can very much be educational tools if handled with responsibility from both the students’ and teachers’ sides. It would be advantageous for teachers and also equally fun and useful for students and their understanding.

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