Egypt reveals traces of 70 million-year-old dinosaurs

Abdulaziz Tantawi, head of Egypt’s New Valley University, revealed the discovery of 16 footprints of dinosaur feet on strata of Nubian sandstone in Egypt’s eastern desert

This discovery was by a collaborative study team from Cairo and New Valley Universities.

This find confirms the presence of carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs in Egypt’s eastern desert, which has been inhabited for over 70 million years.

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There are 16 traces in total, with two levels of disclosure: There are 12 closely connected traces on the first level.

The findings revealed the presence of two types of dinosaurs: carnivorous dinosaurs with two legs and herbivorous dinosaurs with four feet.

The estimated sizes of dinosaurs ranged from 500 to 900 kilos, based on formulae used to infer their lengths and sizes through footprints. They’re 4 to 5 meters long.
Dinosaur footprints were discovered in the eastern desert for the first time.

It is the first time that carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaur footprints have been discovered in the Eastern Desert, notably in the south, indicating that the environment and climate permitted their existence and survival.

The effects of dinosaurs can be a tourist attraction or a natural reserve, and this find has commercial and tourist value. It is regarded as one of the most important discoveries in the Eastern Desert.

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