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Brown Diamond Stone is the trend of summer 2021

The brown diamond, a distinctive royal jewellery piece, is the summer fashion trend for this year – and it surely will make any lady feel elegant! It is distinguished by its unique shiny colour and is considered one of the most luxurious gemstones in the world.

However, it was not always like that; the Brown diamond was not a popular choice until relatively recently, even though the precious stone is composed of pure carbon, one of the most rigid materials on Earth (10 on the Mohs scale).

Thankfully, the people’s view has changed, and the beautiful jewel started to be appreciated. The exceptional hardness and the stone’s adamantine lustre combined with clever marketing techniques (have your own chocolate or cognac diamonds) made it a huge success. 

Diamond studded gemstones are classified according to colour intensity, with the most intense colour being the rarest and most valuable, therefore dark brown becoming a favourite. Other rare shades are green, yellow, orange, purple, red, blue, pink, and even black.

A “Girl’s best friends”, one must admit that any woman will gladly accept such a gift. Their beauty and brilliance always fascinate us all!

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