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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

A third of those who received COVID-19 vaccines in the United Kingdom reported side effects, but they were minor, consisting largely of sore throat and swelling around the injection site.

According to experts, these findings are the outcome of survey research involving more than 40,000 people who received the vaccine, and they reassure everyone about the vaccine’s negative effects.

The new vaccinations do not include the virus itself; instead, they contain antibodies to the virus or harmless duplicates of some of the virus’s elements to enhance the immune system’s preparation to fight the virus if the body is infected.

The researchers at Kings University Hospital in London requested everyone who had ever gotten the Pfizer vaccine to answer some questions via an app they had created specifically for this purpose.

After getting the first dosage of the vaccine, 37 percent of them suffered adverse effects such as bodily soreness or swelling near the injection site, and this figure grew to around 45 percent among the second and third doses.

14 percent experienced a high fever or itching and shivering during the week following the first dose, rising to 22 percent among those who received the two doses.

All of the negative effects were gone in a matter of days for everyone.

Due to some side effects, doctors recommend that persons with persistent allergies that aren’t like other allergies avoid the Pfizer Biontech and Moderna vaccines.

Vaccine safety is being investigated by doctors and research organizations all around the world.

Dr. Anna Goodman, who studies the outcomes and effects of various vaccinations from companies like AstraZeneca and Novavax, says that while side effects are unpleasant, they indicate that the human immune system is responding to the vaccines.

However, because vaccines are not 100 percent effective, Goodman emphasizes that people must continue to adopt social distancing methods.

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