Al-Baha’a Launches International Civil Defense Day

Dr. Abdulmoneim bin Yassin Al-Shehri, Deputy Governor of the Al-Baha region, inaugurated today the celebration of the International Civil Defense Day in the region. The event was held under the slogan “With Technology, We Strive to Protect You” at Al-Husam Hall for Conferences and Exhibitions.

Exhibition and Demonstrations

Attendees were introduced to civil defense mechanisms and the International Civil Defense Day exhibition. The exhibition featured 12 booths from various government and private entities. Brigadier Mohammed Al-Anzi, the Director of Civil Defense in the Al-Baha region, provided detailed explanations of the latest devices, technical equipment in rescue and first aid.

Appreciation and Acknowledgments

Following the demonstrations, the Deputy Governor of Al-Baha honored the participating government entities. Additionally, he received a commemorative gift for the occasion from the Director of Civil Defense in the region. He highlighted the support and encouragement from the Prince, motivating further efforts to serve the community.

Educational and Awareness Programs

Brigadier Al-Anzi mentioned the distribution of educational publications related to the event’s slogan and the organization of several lectures in schools and universities. Additionally, there will be visits to schools to train students on firefighting, rescue, and first aid operations, aiming to achieve the desired goals of these programs and activities.

Support and Development

In conclusion, Brigadier Al-Anzi emphasized the generous support that the civil defense receives from the leadership. It also impacts the development of civil defense devices and the capabilities of its personnel. This support aids in protecting lives, properties, and participating in local and international events through various programs.

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