Saudi Ministry of Information Releases Film on Founding Day



The Saudi konoz initiative at Ministry of Information launched a short historical drama movie, on Founding Day. The film aims to document the heroics and historical stories and distribute them locally and globally.

The movie explains the story of Imam Turki bin Abdullah after the destruction of Diriyah and the fall of the first Saudi state.

The film was able to show all the events of that phase. He explained the ability of Imam Turki’s defense to defend his land. In addition, he constantly and desperately pushed to restore the Saudi state. Finally, he managed to get back his land.

It is noteworthy that the Konoz initiative falls within the initiatives of the human capacity development Program, one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The vision aims to document cultural richness and civilizational contribution. In addition, it highlights the success stories of Saudi citizens at all levels, through the production of documentaries, short films, and animation.

The initiative also produced a number of works such as: “A Difficult Phase,” “Nawras Al-Arab,” “Alike,” “What the Saudis Eat,” “Atlas of Saudi Arabia,” “Horizon,” and recently released the documentary “Station Seven.”


Founding Day

Saudi Arabia is celebrating the Saudi Founding Day today Thursday, 12 Shaban 1445H, corresponding to February 22, 2024. This day remarks the founding of the Saudi state in the mid-year of 1139H (1727 AD) by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

The celebration of Founding Day serves as a reminder of Saudi Arabia’s journey. Moreover, this day is a testament to the nation’s resilience and unity, continuing a legacy that began in 1727. The Kingdom has faced challenges but maintained societal security and cohesion.

The state bin Saud founded was marked by significant social, political, economic, and cultural events. He shaped the life of the Arabian Peninsula under the rule of the first Saudi state.



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