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Air and ground teams to rescue injured during Hajj

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority (RC) in Mecca launched the central Hajj operations room for emergency services. It consists of ground and air teams to serve the pilgrims. 

A commission has been allocated consisting of 106 deportees, reporters and physicians who are scientifically and practically qualified.

The Director of RC Operations Room in Mecca, Abdulaziz Al-Marwan, said that 11 coordinators of the authority’s employees were distributed with the relevant authorities, namely Civil Defense, Public Security and Unified 911, to facilitate the tasks of the emergency teams.

Al-Marwan also confirmed that the authority had developed the technical aspect in the operations room to achieve the highest rate of response speed, stressing that the team works in 3 periods over 24 hours a day.

The stages of passing the communication

He explained that the communication is going through an administrative stage represented in documenting the caller’s information, determining the exact location. Next, it is passed to the medical setting to select the type of case, the number of injuries, and the disease history.

He added that the communication is relayed through the operations program for emergency centres to send the nearest team to the injured’s location, reach him the fastest way possible, and provide an emergency ambulance service.

Joint Hajj Operation Room

Al-Marwan added that twinning the work between the central Hajj operations room and air ambulance operations in a standard room facilitates quick access to the injured pilgrims and follow-up of his health condition in medical centres.

He indicated that the domain supervisors in Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat and the Holy Capital can request air ambulances.

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