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Musical Artist Mohammad Rubat releases his new song

Recently, Mohammad Rubat released his new song “Hob Muzayaf” (fake love) on his YouTube channel, in addition to local and MENA radios. The song received welcome feedback from his fans, and resonated emotionally with fans due to the song’s story which was written after the home lockdown-quarantine period ended.

The song’s story revolves around a young man, who shared a love story with a girl he met online during the lockdown-quarantine days due to the Coronavirus. After the lockdown ended, he expressed his love towards her, and his desire of proposing to her, only to be shocked by her response and her seriousness and she explained to him what was between them was just temporary entertainment to pass the time during the quarantine, and that it ends along with the end of the quarantine.

The song’s lyricist is the Moroccan poet Ayoub Ouzid and the composer is Fahd Shabbaj. The reason Mohammad chose these words, is that he found it honest, and reflected the reality of many stories in which an honest person falls victim, due to recklessness and lack of seriousness from the other party.

Mohammed Rubat is a singer and a music composer who became famous for his creative tracks on social media networks in the Middle East.

He started to gain larger traction when videos of him covering vintage cartoon songs went viral. He then proceeded to feed his fan base creative musical videos touching on trending subjects and composed of catchy melodies.

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