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Yemeni Organization: 200 Women are Tortured by Houthi militia

Many Yemeni Women are considered Victims of Houthi Torture. The Sam Human Rights and Freedom Organization in Yemen accused the terrorist Houthi militia of systematically torturing about 200 women in its detention centers.

The organization said in a statement: “Yemeni women are still subjected to various types of oppression and forms of violations and humiliation, and there are thousands of painful stories that embody the extent of that suffering that they are living in the Houthi-controlled areas.”

She added: “We have observed serious violations that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity in many places of detention run by the militia.”

The organization reviewed a number of stories and testimonies, from former detainees in addition to a woman working in Houthi prisons, which reflected the scale of crimes and dangerous practices committed without taking into account the special protection established by international law for women.

The organization warned that the international community should not continue to deal with the Yemeni file in this way, which increases the horrific violations and crimes against Yemeni civilians, especially women.

The head of Sam organization, Tawfiq Al-Hamidi, said: “The testimonies collected by his organization’s team reflect the criminal mentality of the Houthi militia, which indicates dangerous practices directed against women without regard to the special protections established by international and Yemeni law.”

 He pointed out that the silence of the international community towards the repeated calls for the state of rights and freedoms in Yemen, especially the practices directed against women, gave the militia an implicit cover to continue its violations without any consideration for violating international law.

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