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Saudi Justice Minister Launches Conciliation Center

Saudi Justice Minister Walid al-Samaani has inaugurated in Riyadh the Conciliation Center, where disputes can be settled amicably out of court. The center employs several well-qualified specialists who aim to provide user-friendly mediation services to the community.

“The conciliation center aims to help reconcile parties, reduce the influx of lawsuits, and promote the mediation culture in an innovative manner,” said the Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ), adding, “It covers various types of cases like family issues, commercial, criminal, civil, and traffic problems; and the mediation deeds it issues are recognized as enforcement instruments.”

The step is aligned with several initiatives launched by the MoJ to promote mediation, including the launch of the Taradhi platform at taradhi.moj.gov.sa, which has served over 300,000 clients. Similarly, the ministry’s mediation center has issued over 53,000 mediation deeds, facilitated by 350 mediators.

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