A specialist reveals the deadliest snake poison in Saudi Arabia

The death of a Saudi girl, Mara Abdel Rahman, who was bitten by a snake in the bathroom in Abha last Thursday, is still a topic of discussion among people interested in snakes and their toxins.

 Nayef Al-Maliki Saudi snake tamer who is interested in studying the types of snakes stated that the types of snake toxins in Saudi Arabia are the malicious lions, Arabian cobra, and black uraeus.

In his speech to Al Arabiya.net, he confirmed that snake venom attacks the nervous system and paralyzes the entirety.

He added: “All these types when bitten cause dizziness, nausea, inability to breathe, sweating and cyanosis, as well as redness in the place of the bite and swelling and may cause severe bleeding.”

Low toxic species

“The species, including Abu Sigurt, cat-like, and rocky python, are weak in toxicity,” Al-Maliki stated. Children, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses can only affected by it.

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