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A Look into Saudi Arabia Beautiful Desert

A Look into Saudi Arabia Beautiful Desert

The Saudi photographer, Mishaal Al-Sudairy, published on his account on “Twitter” pictures that he took from the air, which carried amazing scenes of the natural sand formations in the desert of the Kingdom, shaped like a heart.

Among the most beautiful and most impactful and expressive pictures, a scene in which sand appears in the form of a large heart on the surface of the earth, what the photographer described in an attached comment as “a picture of beautiful nature”

In addition to this unique scene, the artist published pictures of scenes in which the sand looks like crashing waves in various formations extending as far as the eye can see.

Some of the pictures looked as if they were golden sands in exquisite formations paved with extremely beautiful harmony, in addition to the surprising natural sculptures carved by the wind in the rocks.

The photographer also spotted another very beautiful form, in which a piece of the desert appeared bare to reveal a natural “design” that is very similar to a giant leaf with its veins and all its intricate details.

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