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A glance at the emergence of the Saudi flag and developments of its form

A glance at the emergence of the Saudi flag and developments of its form

Historical allusions recalled the origins of the Saudi flag, which began when the House of Saud’s monarchs carried the flag and propagated the call.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Munif, Dean of King Saud University’s College of Tourism and Archeology, spoke with about the Saudi flag details.

The doctor explained: “The flag that flies is well known as a sign of faith and homeland, as well as a symbol of peoples, nations, and homelands. Color, size, and adornment all have symbolic meanings in the flag.”

“The Saudi Arabian flag, with the phrase monotheistic in the center, ” he added. It was inherited from the banner carried by the House of Saud rulers as they disseminated the call and expanded their spheres of influence during the first Saudi state.

The words “There is no deity but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God” were written on it on a plain pole and continued like this during the era of the first founder Muhammad bin Saud until the reign of Saud the Great and his son Abdullah.

He said, ” “The banner is a piece of green cloth with the text “There is no god but God, Muhammad is God’s Messenger” printed in a distinct line in the center. A sword was drawn under the words, indicating power and jihad in God’s mission to spread the word of monotheism across the globe.”

He noted that under King Abdul Aziz’s reign, the banner was rectangular in design, with a width equal to two-thirds of its length, and a green color that ran from the flagpole to the end of the flag, with two certificates in the middle and a drawn sword.

“The banner that King Abdul Aziz carried at the beginning of his reign was white, with a green section on it,” Al-Rihani wrote in his history.

The shape of the object changed after that, and it was tied to a single blade beneath the word martyrdom, which was written beneath it (Victory from God and a close conquest).

“On March 13, 1938, the glorious Royal Decree No. 1/4/7, which was published in the Official Gazette, issued the procedure for flying the flag,” he stated.

He said that the green on the Saudi flag represents the Paradise of Riyadh.

The two testimonies emphasize God’s oneness and the Prophet Muhammad’s status as the Seal of the Prophets, may God bless him and grant him peace.

The sword is a symbol of strength, justice, chivalry, the defense of the two testimonies’ content, the monotheistic country, and the Muslim motherland.

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