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8 Hours of Sleep is Not Enough

Many years ago, many people declined the fact that sleeping is a necessity. Our bodies differ from one to another; that’s why our sleeping needs are different too. The myth that states that people should sleep 8 hours a day is not really accurate.

Sleeping doesn’t depend on how many hours, but rather it depends on how much quality is there. The suitable environment, disciplined habits, and counted durations are the highlighted factors on good sleep. These factors of sleep are affecting the general wellness of the body positively. It is boosting energy and brain functions.

In 2019, the social awareness was focused on sleep. People have understood the importance of sleep, and they have started to realize the habits and natures of sleep. Many pieces of research and studies have been conducted on this topic.

Eventually, in the corona time where health topics are the most priority, people have paid more attention to sleep. Not only that but, also they have discovered the power of a nap.

This awareness might change how people can react to it in their daily life as well as in workspaces.

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